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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order Video Cards? STEPS

1. Search and choose the video.
2. Enter the requested data.
3. Add to cart
4. Complete the purchase
5. Choose the payment method (it will show those available according to your country)
6. Make the payment.

Ready to be sure that your order is being processed, you will receive an email from our page.

Wait 1 to 2 days, you receive by WhatsApp.

Delivery time

We send your Personalized order in 2 days Max. (Generally, it is less time)

Which digital product do I receive?

1 MP4 Digital Video in optimal quality (Copy of the example video published in the page but with your data and photo).

How do I receive the video?

You receive the personalized video to the WhatsApp of your order, and then you can forward it to your guests.

I don't want a photo in my video ?

The frame will be hidden or replaced by an image of the invitation theme.


All our videos include our small size logo at the end.

Please verify that the information you are sending is correct before finalizing your order.